Why use kiln dried logs for your wood-burning stove

When you use kiln dried logs for your fire, one huge benefit is consistency. Every log you buy, at any time of the year should have a moisture content of 20% or below. Being consistently dry means it will light easily, burn cleanly and provide the maximum heat output. By burning cleanly, this means the stove glass should not go black and consequently the burn up the chimney or flue will be clean and not cause excess soot or tarring.

Kiln drying forces the issue and speeds up the process, reducing resting and drying time to as little as just a week.

Seasoned wood is not the same as kin dried wood, so make sure you know the difference when making your decision!

Seasoned wood will rarely, if ever, provide the same quality or heat output as kiln dried wood. People tend not to season their wood properly or for the correct amount of time. To season firewood properly, the wood must be cut to short lengths, and split down the middle to increase exposure to the air. After being stacked undercover allowing air to circulate around the stack, a resting time of anywhere between one to four years will be needed to ensure the low moisture content of the wood. The length of time needed depends on the type of wood.