What Makes Kiln Dried Logs the Greatest Firewood Solution

After receiving many questions from customers asking what makes ash and oak kiln dried logs so great, and why they are better than other firewood available, today we are here to shed some light on the topic. We are here to share some of the benefits that kiln dried logs offer when being used as firewood, with the ultimate intention of enabling even more people to understand why they are so superior and in turn provide their homes with greater heat.

Keep on reading to find out exactly why you should be using kiln-dried firewood.

Greater quality
Kiln-dried firewood is typically a much greater quality than other firewood available due to the drying processes used. Drying wood in a kiln kills off pathogens and ensure that firewood is a safe as possible to be used in homes. People should never use unhealthy and diseased wood on their stoves, as this can be harmful.

More heat
Kiln dried firewood is extremely dry, and because of this, it can burn at higher temperatures than other wood, making homes warmer quicker. And less of the nergy content of the wood is used to boil out moisture in the wood. The difference between the heat that kiln dried logs and regular logs provide is very noticeable and does make a difference to homes!

Less smoke
Kiln dried wood does not create a lot of smoke at all since the wood has a very low moisture content, allowing for people to have their stoves burning without having to worry about the damage that they are causing to the environment. Smoke from other firewood on the other hand can be much more toxic and harmful.

Longer burn times
Ash and oak kiln dried logs burn for a lot longer than other wood, again because it is so dry and because it is a very energy dense wood. This not only means that less wood is needed, but also that stoves need less attention once they have been started.

As you can see, if you want to heat up your home in the safest and most effective way possible, kiln dried logs are for you!

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