Getting the Most Out of Your Stove

With the freezing temperatures still hitting much of the UK, and snow flurries and gale-force winds across the country, here at Harpers Firewood we are hardly surprised by the surge in custom that we have received in recent weeks, with people in our local area and further afield all searching for the best firewood to heat their homes.

However, is it all about the firewood that we use? Today we are going to be sharing some great tips for all to consider when looking to get optimum use and heat out of their much loved log burners! These tips are also designed to ensure that log-burning stove owners are able to provide their fires with the care and maintenance needed to last a lifetime.

Top Tips
Use kiln-dried firewood
The truth is that it really does matter what firewood you use. You should always ensure that you are using kiln-dried firewood as this wood has a low moisture content in comparison to other woods. Kiln dried firewood is superior to other wood as it burns hotter and for longer periods. Here at Harpers Firewood we only sell kiln-dried logs.

Little and often
Some people think when looking to get the most amount of heat out of their log burning stoves, that they should add as much wood as they can, however this is not the case. When looking for a hot and successful fire it is best to fuel your stove little and often making sure that there isnt any wood blocking your stoves air inlets at any time.

Cleaning and maintenance
To ensure that your log burning stove is in sufficient and immaculate working order you should provide it with a thorough clean at least once a year, and even more often if you use your fire every day, all year round. If stoves are not kept clean, a thick deposit can build up that cannot only stop stoves from working as greatly as possible but also cause house fires!

Here at Harpers Firewood our ultimate aim is to ensure that all of our customers are able to heat their homes as well as possible. This is why we not only offer what we consider to be the industrys best firewood, but also aim to share tips and advice on a regular basis. If anyone has any questions or perhaps would like further guidance, our team are only a phone call away and always happy to help - Get in touch today.